How Membership works

*Select a specific Membership Program from the list below and register. After registration, you will have the option to suscribe to a membership program. Once subscribed, you will recieve a membership card attached to your account that will enable you to redeem membership Privileges.

Each Membership Program has its own additional perks and privileges, but by virtue of Rebelity, you will automativally recieve a 5% Discount on all Membership purchases using your card.

*Note: Some Membership programs are invite only.

Exclusive Access to Private Events

You will be able to attend members only events curated especially for members

Member Pricing

You'll never again pay full price for entry or concessions


wood office

Just Another test Membership Program -

Description: another test

  • Included Privileges:
  • VIP access
  • Ticket discount
  • Extra 1
  • Extra 2
  • Retail discount
wood office

Real Test Program -

Description: This is to test the full working scope of the Membership Program

  • Included Privileges:
  • Free Drink
  • Ticket Discount
wood office

Raymond Demo -

Description: Test

  • Included Privileges:
  • Discount

Memberships Program Explained

Rebelity Meberships is a complete events based mebership management system that allows event Organizers to easily manage contacts, process payments, send out emails, and register event attendees.

If you are an event organizer, you can request to create a membership program. Membership Programs can be attached to your events or Point of sale Store. Once created, you can assign privileges that are either opt-in or inclusive. Opt-in privileges can have add on prices for upsells. In addition, Rebelity may add system wide privileges that are applied to all Membership Programs.

Memberships programs have a duration or cycle period and can be free or priced. Bylaws for members must be defined by organizers and in addition, dues must be specified.

With a membership Program you can:

  1. Issue branded membership RFID Cards/Fobs/Rings
  2. Issue Gift/Rewards Cards
  3. Create special member pricing via discounts
  4. Grant or Restrict access to special events/areas
  5. Bestow preferential treatment ie. skip the line
  6. Give out Free items
  7. Curate cashless events and Remove cash liability
  8. Create a community of like-minded individuals

Additionally, our system wide privileges will apply to members of other programs and provide incentive for them to check out your event.

How it works?

Members only events should be cashless only be accessible to members. Privileges can only be redeemed with a membser assigned RFID membership card, ring or fob.